The Centauri team helped to pioneer the renewable-energy industry. Together, we have developed some of the largest, most successful solar and wind projects in the country.

Good locations and good intentions don’t necessarily produce good projects. Good experience does.

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Power for Good

We know where to build, what to build and how to build it.

Centauri Energy was founded by seasoned professionals who left large renewable-energy companies to go out on their own.

They had noticed an unfortunate trend: when renewable energy evolved into a viable and profitable industry, many companies jumped in without the experience or ability to complete projects. This led to many ideal projects being abandoned.

A lack of experience has caused problems in the industry.

Often, the people guiding the projects have lacked an understanding about:

  • What it takes to implement fail-safe processes when building a complicated renewable energy project.
  • What constitutes an ideal location ─ and how to find it.
  • How to navigate layers of complexities, from environmental reviews to interconnect issues.
  • How to overcome obstacles (all projects encounter setbacks).
  • How to price realistically (overpricing doesn’t win PPAs, while underpricing has led to incomplete projects and insolvent companies).
  • How to schedule and perform effective project management in an evolving industry.

Because of this, over-promising, under-delivering and defaulting on projects became commonplace.

The Power to Make a Difference

Centauri Energy is:

  • A company of deeply experienced clean-energy professionals who will deliver on agreements.
  • A streamlined, nimble organization that responds quickly.
  • A large-scale developer, but without the layers of management and high cost of large-scale renewable-energy companies.

Our development guidelines weren’t copied from a text book or tossed from an ivory tower.

They came from years of hands-on experience and lessons learned. For more than 30 years, our team has navigated the complex maze of environmental, civic, federal and legal issues and requirements surrounding renewable energy projects. We know potential pitfalls. We’ve overcome snafus. And we’ve turned projects around that others gave up on.