Many believe they have the “ideal” location or plan for a solar or wind project. Most are mistaken.

We have a national network of experienced renewable energy professionals who identify potential projects in key places. We then use our proprietary guidelines to evaluate and select the projects we develop.

Environmentally friendly meets business-minded.

As part of our evaluation process, we look for projects that will minimize our environmental impact. We strive to repurpose disturbed or barren land, or to make wasted land productive.

To achieve this, we target

  • Farm land that has been rendered fallow and can no longer produce food.
  • Land that is not habitable, in harsh, rural environments.
  • Land that is far from bird migratory paths, animal populations and fragile ecosystems.

Our approach benefits the environment. It’s also an important business practice. It helps to ensure we don’t get derailed in development, or held up with unforeseen obstacles and expenses. It also helps us to secure permits and approvals more easily.

Because of this, over-promising, under-delivering and defaulting on projects became commonplace.

Power for Good

We do exhaustive analysis up front, so the process flows smoothly later.

As part of this, we analyze the suitability of the land, land control (purchase versus long-term lease), costs, potential layout and interconnect opportunities. We identify and work through potential issues, from environmental to transmission.

When we greenlight a project, it’s a solid go.

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Evaluating Projects